A downloadable game for Windows


  • Open your own shop in a fantasy land!
  • Choose what goods you sell, set prices according to the needs of the kingdom!
  • Deal with adventurers and other events within the kingdom!

This game was inspired by management sims, the game Universal Paperclips, and of course, RPGs such as Skyrim. It's meant as a proof of concept for a "meta" idea that could be expanded upon. As of now, it's playable with a beginning, middle, and end, though it is rather simple. Stick with it, I promise you it gets interesting.

To play, extract the files from the .zip and run the .exe.

Controls: Mouse, Keyboard (button prompts)

Press Esc to close the game.

All programming, art, and writing by Liam Harwood, March 2017. Written in C++ using SFML.

Install instructions

Extract the files from the .zip and run the .exe. You may need Visual C++ installed on your computer for it to run correctly.


FantasyShopkeeper.zip 1 MB

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